There are a great many good reasons to invest in GK Software SE:


Innovation – world's leading software partner for retail, technology and innovation leadership through early adaptation of new technologies such as AI, cloud or blockchain


Competitiveness – securing the daily business-critical processes of the retail trade in more than 62,700 stores on more than 548,000 systems through solutions from GK Software, successful implementation of very large international projects in around 65 countries


Diversified product and international customer portfolio – comprehensive, market-leading solutions for omni-channel retailing, consumer apps and solutions for business-critical processes in stores and corporate headquarters; customers include numerous, internationally leading retailers, such as adidas, Aldi Nord, Coop (Switzerland), Edeka, Grupo Kuo (Mexico), Hornbach, HyVee (USA), Smart&Final (USA) Lidl, Migros and Walmart International


Significant growth potential worldwide – ongoing investment and innovation needs of the constantly changing retail sector; close partnerships with international companies, such as SAP, IBM or Microsoft, as well as the sustainable scalability of the business model guarantee a stable market environment over the long term


Financial strength and extraordinarily positive capital market development – financial stability (high equity ratio, stable margin, strong cash position), steadily growing both organically and through acquisitions by more than 900 percent since being listed on the stock exchange in 2008, tenfold increase in stock exchange value since IPO, one of the most successful German stock exchange listings since 2008


Continuous expansion into new markets – expansion of international business as planned, especially in North America, and development of new market segments in southern Africa, South East Asia and other developed retail markets; strengthening of organic growth through regular acquisitions


Experienced management team – long-term, successful and complementary international management team, consisting of founders, market experts and generalists with long-term commitment to the company


GK Software SE is a leading global software partner for the retail sector and offers comprehensive solutions for handling all business-critical processes in branch stores and corporate headquarters. The company's competitive strength is based on global technology and innovation leadership, for example through early adaptation of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, cloud or blockchain. GK Software SE offers the most comprehensive and modern solution for omni-channel retailing, including consumer apps used millions of times over, and stands out on the market for its ability to successfully implement even very large international projects.

The information on the earnings, assets and financial situation in the consolidated financial statements is based on the requirements of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Individual financial statements are prepared in accordance with the German Commercial Code (HGB).

GK Software SE employs 1,168 people worldwide (as of 31 December 2022).

GK Software SE is strongly growth-oriented. Therefore, the focus is on sales figures and earnings figures. The Group's key financial indicators can be found in our Fact Sheet.

For 2023, GK Software SE forecasts an increase in sales to EUR 160–175 million. The EBIT margin is also expected to increase to 15%. As part of the medium-term forecast, GK expects a sales corridor of EUR 193–205 million for the 2025 fiscal year. With regard to the margin, 15% should be slightly exceeded. Further information on the current forecast and the medium-term forecast can be found in our Fact Sheet.