Sustainability at GK Software SE

The GK Software share is attractive for investors who include ESG criteria in their investment decision. Thanks to its broad product range, the company creates significant added value for its customers in order to make their business model more effective and, above all, more sustainable. The Group also positions itself as a responsible and attractive partner, thanks to its long-term and sustainably oriented corporate management, and supports a large number of non-profit regional organizations and projects.

The CSR report informs stakeholders about GK Software SE's sustainability and social initiatives. Among other things, the report provides insights into the company's environmental goals, such as reducing energy and water consumption, preventing waste and minimizing harmful emissions. In addition, GK's social commitment and responsible conduct in all business areas and at all the Group's sites are examined in more detail.

At GK we support a large number of non-profit regional organizations and projects and are sustainability-oriented corporate management.