Investor Relations


GK Software SE: Appointment of a new supervisory board

  • Collective resignation of the company's Supervisory Board 
  • Court-appointed new Supervisory Board 

The previous Supervisory Board of GK Software SE, consisting of Dr Phillip Reimann (Chairman), Thomas Bleier and Herbert Zinn, resigned as of 16 May 2023. The Supervisory Board's resignation is in accordance with the agreement with the new strategic major shareholder Fujitsu ND Solutions AG, a wholly owned subsidiary of Fujitsu Ltd. Subsequently, a new three-member Supervisory Board was appointed by court until the next Annual General Meeting on 28 June 2023, comprising Dr Anke Nestler (Senior Managing Director of FTI Consulting Deutschland GmbH), Nicholas Fraser (Corporate Executive Officer of Fujitsu Limited) and John Pink (Vice President and Global Head of Consumer Experience of Fujitsu Uvance). The new Supervisory Board will stand for election at the company's Annual General Meeting.

The Executive Board of GK Software SE would like to express its gratitude to the previous members of the Supervisory Board for their excellent support and advise over the past years and for their extensive and goal-oriented efforts to support the company's growth. Through their personal commitment as well as their profound experience and knowledge, the outgoing Supervisory Board members have, time and time again, made invaluable contributions to the company and are unequivocally tied to GK becoming the international market leader it is today. Now, the Executive Board welcomes the incoming Supervisory Board members and is looking forward to working with them.